Recipe: =A=Spicy Flower Smecta

Home Cooking Recipe: =A=Spicy Flower Smecta


Every time you eat a flower, you have to take an hour to go to the pedestrian street, and then you have to pay 35 yuan a ah ~ really can not afford to hurt. After I tried it myself, my mother no longer had to worry about eating 35 yuan of flowers! Get it at home for 9 yuan, So easy~



  1. The flower is released from the salt water, and this step I need to do it one day in advance, because I let it spit for about 2-3 hours, or the gray is often not clean. Look at your personal situation.

  2. After spitting the sand, put it in boiling water and boil it. When the shell is opened, it will be quickly removed and water is controlled. Don't pour the boiled water, filter the sand off, make it clean, and cook the seafood soup the next day~

  3. Cut the onions, ginger and garlic into large pieces, and cut the dried peppers into pieces for later use. Onions, green peppers, diced alternate.

  4. The oil pan is less hot. After the oil has a little temperature, stir fry the pepper and then remove the pepper (because it is lazy, I usually omit this step). If the dried chili is not hot enough, you can buy some chili sauce, according to your own situation. Stir the chili sauce. Note that when you fry these, you should use medium fire.

  5. Then sauté the onion, ginger, garlic and dried chili.

  6. Under the onion, green pepper stir fry a few times to pour into the control of the water.

  7. Pour in cooking wine, rice wine, soy sauce, vinegar, and then simmer for a while. Because I have added chili sauce in front, so the salty taste is enough, without the cheese sauce, add salt according to your taste.

  8. After you have finished it, pour in the oyster sauce and stir it for a while. Finally, when you start the pot, put about half a teaspoon of white sugar. The savory spicy flower is on the table~ you can sprinkle a bit of green and parsley before you go to the table.


1. I eat more Sichuan flavors, so when I choose chili sauce, I usually look at the place of origin first, and Sichuan and Hunan are better. 2. When I was doing this, I didn’t add onions and green peppers, because when I went to buy, Lun’s family was closed, o (╯ ╰ ╰) o plus onion and green pepper recipe, when I was eating on the pedestrian street, people Plus, the onion is fried in the flour. 3. I used the shallots when I was frying this time because the green onions were not bought. So I suggest you still use green onions~ 4, green and parsley is just a decoration, no problem.

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