Recipe: A simple, top-grade dessert - Chocolate Mousse Buffy

Home Cooking Recipe: A simple, top-grade dessert - Chocolate Mousse Buffy


This is a classic romantic dessert filled with love and sweetness. The fragrant pure black chocolate mousse is mixed with the crispy KIT KAT chocolate biscuits. It is definitely the sweetest dessert of the sweet little couple! ! Very simple and sweet! (The following is the weight of two small cups)



  1. Melt dark chocolate in water, then set aside from the water

  2. Mix the melted dark chocolate with 60ml of whipped cream and mix well

  3. Divide the mixed chocolate cream into two halves and put them in two cups.

  4. Then send whipped cream and add it to the cup that has just been filled with chocolate cream as the second layer.

  5. Add the chocolate cake to the third layer

  6. Add whipped cream, add the raspberry, and sprinkle some chocolate

  7. Put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.


You can add different fruit combinations according to your taste. If you don't like chocolate cream sauce, you can use jam instead of dark chocolate.

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