Recipe: A simple and easy-to-eat delicious dessert, chocolate yoghurt mousse cake

Home Cooking Recipe: A simple and easy-to-eat delicious dessert, chocolate yoghurt mousse cake


This mousse is designed to consume the remaining whipped cream in the refrigerator and the yoghurt on the spot, but the people who have eaten say it is delicious. I was worried that yogurt and chocolate would taste unbalanced. Practice has proved that worry is superfluous!



  1. Gelatine is soaked in cold water and melts in water

  2. Chocolate melts in water

  3. Mix the yogurt, melted chocolate gelatin tablets and mix well

  4. Light cream and fine sugar hit 6-7 into

  5. Mix the freshly mixed chocolate yogurt gelatin paste with whipped cream, and the mousse paste will be fine.

  6. 6 inch round bottom mold, put the big piece of cake, then put the cut strawberries around the mold, pour half of the mousse paste, then put another small piece of cake, pour in the left Under the mousse paste, lift the mold a few times, let the mousse paste evenly distributed. Put in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours. The solidified mousse is taken out and heated with a hot towel for a while, so you can perfectly demould it! Don't be too long in the summer, or it will be too powerful, and the appearance will not be so good!

  7. Mousse after demoulding, if you are giving away, decorate the fruit and chocolate chips on the face, it doesn't matter if you eat it yourself! Haha


When cutting mousse, the knife can be hot with hot water, and the cut surface is more neat.

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