Recipe: A short-lived sugar cake

Home Cooking Recipe: A short-lived sugar cake



  1. Add water to the flour, a little lard and make a dough (soft and hard, and the dough can be made into a flat noodle, it doesn't matter if it is soft)

  2. The lard is opened in a pot and heated to 50% or 60%

  3. Another flour (small portion), pour hot lard into the flour, mix well and let cool. Add a little flour to the white sugar and mix well.

  4. Dough the dough, pour the oil batter and spread evenly.

  5. Roll up from one end, roll into pieces, cut into sections (how much do you want to make a big pie), and cut the two sides into a folded shape.

  6. Press the hoe into a cake by hand (like the method of sticking the bean bag), and put it into the cake.

  7. Put a little oil in the pot, put it into the cake, and make the two sides slightly yellow. The cake will be cooked and cooked.


This sugar cake is best eaten hot, and it may be awkward for a while. It doesn't matter. It will be as good as when it was just out of the pot. The filling is not limited, and you can enjoy what flavor you like.

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