Recipe: A product of tofu (sea cucumber mushroom stew tofu)

Home Cooking Recipe: A product of tofu (sea cucumber mushroom stew tofu)


The tofu pot with fresh eyebrows can be wiped out by holding a cockroach!



  1. Hericium erinaceus and scallops are soaked separately. The scallops are shredded and the monkey head mushrooms are sliced.

  2. Onion cut into sections, ginger shredded. Pork shredded, and mix well with water starch and salt.

  3. Sea cucumber slices. Frozen tofu thawed and cut into strips.

  4. Heat a little oil in the pot, sauté the ginger, onion and scallops, stir-fry the pork and add some water. After boiling, the sea cucumber and the monkey mushroom are boiled. After the fire is boiled, turn to low heat for 20 minutes.

  5. While waiting, wash the parsley and cut into pieces. Adjust half a bowl of water starch.

  6. After 20 minutes, the soup color should be white, and the tofu strips are boiled and slightly rolled for a while. Transfer white pepper, salt and sesame oil. Stir the parsley and stir well. Finally, use a starch to make a thin pot and serve. The fragrance is overflowing!


If there is no scallop, you can use the seaweed. If you don't have it... it doesn't matter! The Hericium erinaceus can be replaced with mushrooms and mushrooms. Don't tell me that there is no such thing... then I am not awkward! Of course, fresh tofu can also be used. Don't ask why I want to use frozen tofu. That's because... I didn't buy it! T_T

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