Recipe: a pot of fresh

Home Cooking Recipe: a pot of fresh


What Shanghai people call a pot of fresh, do not know if it is the mess of the northerners? Anyway, the type of cauldron made by adding several kinds of ingredients together is a kind of home-like taste that is very suitable for winter...



  1. Open the crab to remove the inedible portion; shrimp to pick out the mud; simmer for a few hours with light salt water; cut the knife or small pieces of squid; prepare vegetables and onion ginger, broth;

  2. From the oil pan, sauté the onion ginger, add the red bean oil in the bean paste, add the soup to boil; put the lotus root and bean sprouts on the bottom of the casserole, transfer the broth into the casserole, put the crab into the boil, and simmer for 5 minutes;

  3. Add clams, shrimps and squid rolls, season with salt, add hot pot seasoning and add flavor; as for the opening, the shrimp shell becomes red and mature and can be turned off, put the coriander on the table.


A pot of fresh ingredients is free to use, can be freely matched; the soup used can be used without deliberate, or even directly add water, because the seafood ingredients can make the soup fresher; the seasoning can be hot or spicy, remove it. The watercress sauce and hot pot seasoning, the taste is the savory flavor mainly based on seafood, plus the bean paste hot sauce and even all the hot pot seasoning (the second canteen clear oil hot pot seasoning), it is the spicy flavor of Chuanxiong.

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