Recipe: A horsible crabmeat stewed cream - consuming leftovers and whipped cream

Home Cooking Recipe: A horsible crabmeat stewed cream - consuming leftovers and whipped cream


Soft rice, sweet crab meat, and very rich creamy soup, you will feel satisfied as long as you eat two, and the heat is also full of "fancy" hot crab meat stew. In the Japanese supermarket, I bought the boxed cooked crab meat (although it is a synthetic oyster). The red and white crab meat always feels the best match with the cream~ I can make this one with the leftover rice at home. Satisfied fragrant stewed rice ~ Of course, it is possible to eat a half bowl and feel tired, feel sinful, this possibility, but! Sometimes it is necessary to use this kind of greasy heat to cure yourself. Isn't it? As long as you can feel happy, it is worthwhile to eat only one big bowl in a big bowl~ not to mention that he will deliciously let you eat half a bowl~ Finally! This is still a weapon to consume leftovers! Let's turn the cold rice and the hard leftover rice into a gentle cured stew!



  1. The onions and garlic are chopped separately, the pot is hot, and a small amount of olive oil is added and the onions and garlic are sauteed.

  2. Add crab meat to the pan and stir fry until it is broken (if it is cooked crab meat, throw it in and stir it).

  3. Pour the cream and broth into the pot and mix well. Cook until slightly boiled and add rice. Stir the rice grains and boil them until they boil.

  4. Add salt and black pepper to the pan, add white wine, and cook until you like the concentration. It's just that the slime will not be too dry but the rice will not separate from the soup~

  5. Before you start, you can smash some crab meat on the surface of the stew, then sprinkle with the whole vanilla! Enjoy a bowl of hot, rich stewed rice~


The cream is really super rich but some little friends will feel tired~ Replace the cream with milk~ The soup is best chicken soup! If you don't have it, use soup or water to add chicken! But pay attention to reduce the amount of salt oh ~

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