Recipe: a home-cooked dish, dried cauliflower

Home Cooking Recipe: a home-cooked dish, dried cauliflower


I loved cauliflower since I was a child, and I loved the dried cauliflower with a hint of barbecue. I would like to see this dish every time I enter the various restaurants! I checked a lot of recipes and tried it twice. To sum up, the main points of doing a dry kale are: 1. The preferred cauliflower, if not, replace it with ordinary broccoli. The supermarkets near the house are put together. I have never noticed before. In fact, the scattered cauliflower is quite inconspicuous compared to the compact and rounded ordinary cauliflower, but the loose dried cauliflower is better for the dried cauliflower. ! 2. There is no dry pot at home, just sprinkle it! It is also a bottle bought from the supermarket. Sprinkle it before the pan, it will definitely bring amazing barbecue flavor! 3. Try to use soy sauce/soy sauce. The old color is too salty and the soy sauce is just right.



  1. A small fire in the oil pan, into the pork belly, dried chili, garlic

  2. Pork belly is white cooked, pour the torn loose cauliflower stir fry, add a small amount of salt

  3. Semi-cooked cauliflower, add soy sauce, cooking wine, stir fry evenly, cover the lid

  4. Coloring the juice, sprinkling it into the cumin, out of the pan

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