Recipe: A good helper for weight loss - three-color tuna salad

Home Cooking Recipe: A good helper for weight loss - three-color tuna salad


This is a very simple salad. Every time you come to the guests, you like to use it as a starter, giving you a refreshing taste. For girls, this is a great diet meal. It supplements the amount of vegetables and protein needed for one day. Everyone has a different taste of salad dressing, and girls who lose weight can try: ginger salad dressing, and sweet onion salad dressing. Low heat



  1. Wash the lettuce and cut it into small pieces. Cut the cucumber into diced and diced the tomato.

  2. Egg cold water into the pot, continue to cook for 5 minutes after the water is opened, then remove the eggs and cool the water. After the eggs are cooled, everything is six

  3. The canned tuna can be poured into the water and mixed with a little milk.

  4. The corn kernels were removed from the hot water for 30 seconds and cooled.

  5. Mix the lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and corn kernels, and finally put the tuna and eggs mixed with the milk. Add a little black pepper and olive oil. You can pour a little salad dressing according to your personal preference.


Eggs must be cold water into the pot. Salad dishes are very casual and can be placed into your favorite ingredients.

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