Recipe: A good drink for children in winter - Sydney Lo Han Guoshan Tea

Home Cooking Recipe: A good drink for children in winter - Sydney Lo Han Guoshan Tea


There is an old saying: If you want to be a child, you are often hunger and cold. The health of children is related to the physical quality of the innate. The day after day is also extremely important. When the mother is going to practice a lot of skills, observe more, prevent in advance. For example, under normal circumstances, the child's palms and feet are warm and soft, not hot or cold. If the heart is hot and dry, it is often the child who is sick. It is best to have a bowel movement once a day, and it is normal to use a strip that is not too thin. Dry stool is the appearance of heat in the large intestine, so try to make the stool of the child unobstructed. I will eat more fruits and vegetables during this time. When winter arrives, children are prone to problems in the upper respiratory tract. Every time they go to send their sons to kindergarten, they often hear the children in the classroom cough and cough up and down, and the winter temperature is low and the digestion is slow. I often cook some Sydney Lo Han Guoshan tea for my son, Jianweixiaoshi, Qingfei Runfei, Shengjin and cough.



  1. Wash the pears and peel off the skin, cut into pieces, put in a blender and add water to make pears.

  2. Pears with water into a casserole, add rock sugar.

  3. Luo Han Guo was added by hand, and the hawthorn was added.

  4. After the fire is boiled, cook for 30 minutes on low heat.

  5. Pour out the slag of pear, mangosteen, and hawthorn in a casserole with gauze or sieve.

  6. After the filtered juice is allowed to cool, add honey according to taste. (heating according to taste when drinking)

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