Recipe: A few bowls of green bean soup in the summer's tail.

Home Cooking Recipe: A few bowls of green bean soup in the summer's tail.


The best summer is at least one bowl of mung bean soup every day. The ice-cold mung bean soup is fresh and minty. There is also a soft glutinous rice glutinous rice. Although it is iced through the refrigerator, he may become a tough guy. . . I saw a lot of mung bean soup is pure mung bean. I still prefer this kind of food. Sometimes I eat it and eat it.



  1. The ice in the refrigerator is good. I can drop two or three drops of peppermint oil in a large bottle. (You can also use the mint leaves to remove it. I am lazy.)

  2. After the green beans are boiled overnight, put the green beans into the pot and make sure that the water has not passed the mung bean. After a while, the mung bean skin will float to the top. Usually I will take it off. Of course, if I like to eat it, I can keep it until the flowering and fishing out. Go to the water

  3. Wash the glutinous rice and soak for one hour. Pour into the rice cooker and cook it. You can smell the fragrant and fragrant taste. It is recommended to add more water. It’s a bit soft and soft, and it’s cool.

  4. When it’s all cool, it’s not so cool when you eat green beans and glutinous rice.

  5. Take a bowl and add a few spoonfuls of mung beans to a few spoonfuls of glutinous rice and sprinkle with melon and tangerine peel. The raisins are also delicious! Add the amount of white sugar and pour the mint-flavored ice water from the refrigerator.

  6. Piapia, eat it with a bowl


The weather is hot, I suggest that everyone eat as soon as possible. If you want to eat, it is not difficult to prepare anyway. People who are cool are still eating less. Is it good to send this recipe at the end of the summer?

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