Recipe: a can of iced black tea

Home Cooking Recipe: a can of iced black tea


It's very simple~ I'm going to do it together~ I will jump with me~ 蹦~瞎 Karaka蹦~ This jar is more than 900 ml. If you have a small cup, please change the ingredients as appropriate~



  1. A bag of black tea is soaked in water (I added it with sugar cubes and soaked it all night with cold bubbles)

  2. After soaking, add 2~3 cubes of sugar (according to your sweetness, you can ignore this step as cold as I)

  3. Add a few slices of fresh lemon slices after cooling (the extra lemon can be squeezed out of the lemon juice and added to the black tea. In addition, don't use the homemade lemon simmer, it will be bitter, the fire pig sister told me 哒)

  4. After standing for 5 minutes, add ice cubes and insert the straws.

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